Heading to NRA Show? Check out the Kitchen Innovations award winners!

CHICAGO – The National Restaurant Associationpresents the recipients of the 2015 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Awards, which honor equipment and technologies that increase productivity for back of the house operations and benefit restaurant operators.

“As a chef it is great to see the products receiving the 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award all offer significant advancement in back-of-house operations, and demonstrate the extent to which the manufacturing companies are in touch with culinary and key operator challenges,” says John C. Metz, Convention Chair for NRA Show® 2015 and Executive Chef/CEO of Marlow’s Tavern, Aqua Blue, and Sterling Spoon Culinary Management. “Each year our independent panel of judges scans the entire industry to find the products that address and solve these challenges, advancing the entire foodservice industry.”

This year’s recipients are: 

Champion® Industries, Inc.

Foodwaste Reduction System

Featuring counter-rotating, slow-speed and low-noise cutters to macerate foodwaste in a grind chamber before heading, via a slightly sloped overhead gravity feed, to a dewatering centrifuge featuring a rapidly rotating screen and screw, this innovative system uses repurposed gray water as its primary water supply, reducing water consumption by 20-30% daily.


Dagda Technologies, Inc.


This NSF-certified safety cover protects employees from severe deep-fryer burns by providing a spring-loaded barrier against dropped objects or slipped extremities, all without slowing down the cooking operation. It can be attached to any existing electric or gas fryer.


Duke Manufacturing Co. ®

FlexTech Advanced Food Holding Platform

Utilizing a patented Atomized Humidity Generation System and specially designed internal vent duct panels that allow for active venting at each pan level, the FlexTech extends fried product holding times, maintains product quality and freshness longer, reduces food waste and increases product availability by 10-15%, all while maintaining unique flavor properties without flavor transfer.



Syncra™ Total Hand Hygiene System

Easily retrofitted on hand washing sinks using the existing plumbing, this automated, touch-free, water-and-soap delivery system follows a strict, yet adjustable, 3-step process (Water & Soap, Timed Lather & Scrub, and Rinse) to ensure increased employee compliance, standardized hand-washing procedures and consistent results, all while using 50% less water than traditional hand washing.


Edlund Company LLC

Titan™ Max-Cut

Constructed from durable stainless steel and dishwasher safe, the Titan Max-Cut saves operators space and food prep time by incorporating four prep options—cutting, coring, wedging and dicing—into a single manual machine; just swap out the quick-change pusher and cartridge and move on to the next task.


EnviroPure Systems, Inc.

EnviroPure Ozone Recirculation System

Using grey water extracted from food waste to facilitate the grinding and digestion of that waste, the EnviroPure ozone recirculation system eliminates the need for fresh water to be added to the aerobic organic digester, a saving of up to 400 gallons of water per day.


Evo, Inc.

EVent™ Ductless Downdraft Ventilation Cooking Station

Featuring an internally ducted, self-contained downdraft recirculating ventilation system, this electric cooktop removes enough airborne grease vapor (less than one part/million escaped), smoke and cooking odors from the cooking surface to allow restaurants to place the cooktop in any location without the need for an externally vented air system.



Franke Air Purification System (APS300)

Using the power of ozone and UV light, but entirely within the enclosure to prevent potential exposure hazards, this self-contained and affordable purification system mounts inside walk-in coolers, scrubbing the existing air of microbes, ethylene, hydrocarbons and other contaminants to reduce odors and extend the shelf life of prepared foods and produce.


Frymaster®, A Division of Manitowoc Foodservice

FilterQuick® with Oil Quality Sensor

Boasting integrated oil-quality sensors, a patented technology that automatically monitors the health of the oil by measuring its total polar materials (TPMs), these gas and electric fryers reduce the cost of frying and improve food quality by taking the guesswork of out oil replacement.


Hestan Commercial Corporation

Longitudinal Modular Salamander/Cheesemelter/Shelving System

Hung without permanent hardware by means of unique, hook-like brackets of heavy-duty steel for optimum rigidity and durability, this modular shelving and broiler system, the latter easily switched from salamander to cheesemelter and back again, is supported longitudinally on a riser to allow complete horizontal movement, giving it the flexibility to be placed anywhere on the line for maximum functionality.


Hestan Commercial Corporation 

Tri-Ferrous French Top with Maximum Center Temperature & Gradient

Available in 18-, 24-, and 36-inch widths, this French Top features a thick-gauge, fully-welded stainless steel radiant cone around its 35,000-Btu/hour gas burner to trap and focus radiant and convective heat within a controlled space below the center plate, resulting 1000+ degrees at center to as low as 320 degrees at the edges, the highest temperature delta of any French Top.



Hobart FT1000 Flight-Type Dish Machine

The first and only ventless flight-type dish machine in the marketplace, the FT1000 boasts the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership via technological innovations such as Automatic Soil Removal (ASR), Auto Clean and Auto Delime that reduce water, energy, labor and chemical expenditures.


HydroFLOW® U.S.A. / Genuine Energy Solutions™

HydroFLOW® Water Conditioners

These chemical-free water conditioners, both featuring induced-signal and continuously conditioning Hydropath Technology, not only dissolve and remove lime scale in appliances and piping systems, but also prevent new lime scale accumulation, kill bacteria and algae in water systems and boost filtration efficiency.


Ice Link, Inc.

Ice Link

Using vacuum technology and optic sensors, the Ice Link automatically transports cubed and nugget ice at 30 ft. per second from a central ice production area to a variety of remote locations within the same building, vertically up to four stories and horizontally up to 350 feet.


Manitowoc Foodservice

Merrychef® eikon® e4s with Panini Grill

This semi-automated, non-stick Panini press attachment, easily removable from inside the oven for cleaning, flattens and/or generates grill marks on a range of products, including bread, proteins and vegetables, all while taking advantage of Merrychef’s rapid cook technology which produces high-quality food at speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional methods.


The Montague Company  

R290 Glycol Ice and Heat Sauté Station

Combining four 30,000-BTU gas burners, a glycol raised rail pan chiller and a two-drawer refrigerated base, this 48″ sauté station features a revolutionary Turbo Coil designed R-290 glycol assist refrigeration system to convey proper cooling power more energy efficiently than standard air-only refrigeration systems.


Ovention, Inc. 

Ovention M360 Oven 

Using a breakthrough rapid cook technology without microwaves, Precision Impingement®, this compact oven is UL-certified for ventless operation and allows operators to prepare 1,000 menu items, each with different cook times and heat profiles.



SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses

An industry first in intelligent cooking systems, the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses communicates with its operator from preheat to unloading, its suite of proprietary technologies is able to measure food size and load quantity, product condition, automatically set temperature, cooking time, air speed and cabinet climate – even learn from operator tendencies – to ensure a perfect dish every time.


Schaerer Ltd.

Schaerer Coffee Art C HC

At the push of a button on its 7-inch programmable touch screen, the Coffee Art system offers speedy bean-to-cup hot and, using a proprietary chilling technology that prevents ice melt or dilution, iced coffee similar in strength to drip filter but ground straight from the bean for a full-bodied flavor profile with unsurpassed freshness, aroma and taste.



Sanisteel® Anti-Bacterial Slip-Resistant Flooring

Featuring a pre-coated finish that kills and prevents 99.9% of all bacteria, mold, algae and fungi, this NSF-certified flooring boasts a slip resistance that exceeds all other major industry options in terms of pre-fabricated walk-in flooring.


True Food Service Equipment, Inc.

Hydrocarbon (R290) Natural Refrigerant Reach-In Refrigerators/Freezers

Combining state-of-the-art compressors and components with all-natural, energy efficient and environmentally friendly HydroCarbon (R290) Natural Refrigerant, these reach-in refrigerators and freezers reduce an operator’s energy consumption substantially, while maintaining food safety and quality, resulting in a lesser environmental impact and improved profit margins.



KODIAK Planetary Mixer

The first planetary mixer to be designed with customer input, the 30-quart KODIAK is an ergonomically correct machine that features a wider, shallower bowl for better sight lines, an intuitive control panel and a revolutionary, easy clean 3-in-1 splash guard/safety guard/ingredient chute, making it the most hygienic mixer available.


Wilpack Packaging

Seal-a-Cup™ Cup Sealing System

Using heat and pressure to apply a tamper-evident seal in seconds to a plastic cups with volumes ranging from .37-ounce to 32-ounces and diameters of 51mm, 75mm and 115mm, this lightweight, portable cup sealer prevents spillage, seals in freshness and extends product life.


KI Award recipients are chosen by an independent panel of industry experts comprised of internationally recognized



18th Chefs in Shorts set for June 19th on Boston waterfront

BOSTON – The 18th annual Chefs in Shots, benefitting Future Chefs, takes place June 19 at the Seaport World Trade Center with some 50 guest chefs from the area from 7-9:30 p.m..

Host Chefs:

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center       Karen Hodsdon, Pastry Chef

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center       Richard Rayment, Executive Chef

TAMO Bistro & Bar at the Seaport Hotel  Robert Tobin, Chef

Participating Chefs & Venues:

Artbar                                                            Brian Dandro

Ashmont Grille & Tavolo                             Chris Douglass

Back Deck                                                    Paul Sussman

Backyard Farms                                           Duncan McSweeney

Bambara                                                       Jay Silva

Bastille Kitchen                                             Adam Kube

Besito Mexican                                             Sebastian Navarrete

BOND @ The Langham                               Mark Sapienza

Café ArtScience                                         Patrick Campbell

Cask ‘n Flagon                                             Donley Liburd

Colonnade Hotel & Brasserie Jo               Nicholas Calias

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse        Rodney Murillo

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse     Jason Carron

Dosa Factory                                                Raj Pabla

Earls Kitchen + Bar                                       Tim Pennington

Fairsted Kitchen                                           Jason Albus

Flour Bakery                                                  Corey Johnson

Gather                                                           Dennis Wilson

Haru                                                                Steven Ferdinand

Harvard Club                                                Dean Moore

Jamaican Mi Hungry                                   Ernie Campbell

Kashmir                                                          Harjit Pabla

Kings Boston                                                  Andre Bautista

LaValle’s                                                        Andy LaValle

Legal Test Kitchen                                        Tyler Lucier

Local 149 & The Biltmore                            David Nevins

Lucca                                                             Andres Cruz

Lulu’s                                                              Sarah Wade

M.C. Spiedo                                                  Mark Gaier & Clark Fraiser

Mela                                                               Jatinder Singh

Mirbeau Inn & Spa                                       Stephen Coe

Pete & Gerry’s Eggs                                    Karl Johnson

Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake             Brian Poe & Uri Abragimovich

Salty Pig                                                         Kevin O’Connell

Serafina                                                         Brendan Burke

Temazcal Tequila Cantina                          Dave Castro

Tempo                                                            Nathan Sigel

Tip Tap Room                                                Brian Poe & Douglas Rodrigues

Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill                           Sean McDonald

Top of the Hub                                              Mark Porcaro

Trina’s Starlite Lounge                                  Suzi Maitland

Varano Group                                              Susanna Rourke

W Hotel                                                          Derek Barragan

COST:             $80 per person (includes admission with complimentary beer, wine and culinary tastings)

TICKETS:          Tickets now available online at:

SOCIAL          Handle: @SeaportBoston; Hashtag: #2015CIS

BENEFICIARY: Future Chefs’ mission is to prepare urban youth in Greater Boston for quality early employment and post-secondary education opportunities in the culinary field and to support them in developing a broad base of transferable skills as they transition into the working world. For more information, please visit:

Espresso goes to outer space

Coffee calling Earth: at 12.44 GMT on May 3, the first espresso coffee was drunk in space. ISSpresso, the first capsule espresso machine that can work in the extreme conditions found in space, was installed on the International Space Station by Samantha Cristoforetti, the Italian European Space Agency astronaut, Italian Air Force captain and member of Futura, the second long-duration mission sent to the ISS by the Italian Space Agency. She became not only the first Italian woman in space, but also the first astronaut in history to drink authentic Italian espresso coffee in orbit. The ISSpresso project is an initiative by Argotec and Lavazza in a public/private sector partnership with the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

ISSpresso, one of the nine experiments selected by the Italian Space Agency for Samantha Cristoforetti’s Futura Mission, not only symbolizes the Italian-made technology that has won a place on the space station, but is also the result of advanced scientific research. Making coffee in space isn’t easy, requiring some extremely sophisticated technology, and this is the first capsule espresso machine that can work in the extreme conditions in space, where the principles that determine the fluid dynamic characteristics of liquids and mixtures are very different from those typically found on earth. ISSpresso is a veritable gem of advanced technology and engineering, able to produce perfect espresso coffee even in weightless conditions.

Operations to support the experiment were supervised by the Argotec control center and monitored by the Italian Space Agency’s control centers. The first espresso coffee made in space was welcomed with great enthusiasm by Futura Mission crew members. The ISSpresso machine, which uses the same Lavazza coffee capsules as those found on earth,was designed and built to deliver the same quality as an authentic Italian espresso coffee in terms of cream, body, aroma and temperature. The drink was produced in microgravity conditions and respects all the characteristics of Italian espresso coffee. Once the coffee is ‘poured’, a patented new system cleans the final section of the hydraulic circuit and at the same time generates a small pressure difference inside the special pouch used as a space “espresso cup”, so that when the straw is inserted, all the aroma of the coffee is released. The pouch is made from a transparent material, making it possible to observe the cream directly as part of the fluid dynamic experiment being conducted and to study the behaviour in space of liquids at high pressure and temperature.


Wine of the Week – La Petite Perriere Rosé 2014

This La Petite Perriere from the Central Loire Valley of France offers a beautiful and refreshing start to Spring and Summer rosé drinking. Saget La Perriere, the winemakers, views this as one of its banner wines. It is nicely balanced with subtle scents of raspberry, Morello cherry and hints of rose petals and nice minerality. Lively and bright, it invites us to enjoy the season.

The Saget family has been making wines since 1790. A newer designation, Vins de France, led them to explore and find the balance between the fruitiness of Southern varieties and their acidity when produced in Northern regions. This rosé is 12 percent ABV with a suggested retail price of $13.99. Visit for more information.



Products on parade

Zeco®Eco filtration machine extends cooking oils

ZecoEco® was developed out of the need for a high quality filtration machine to extend the life of cooking oils up to 50 percent. It’s able to filter ‘on the fly’ or ‘hot’ for those who have no time to cool down several fryers. Drain hot oil into the tank while simultaneously washing down the fryer. Each fryer takes one four minute cycle to filter oil 40-50 percent clean. The return rate is nearly zero and monthly savings can pay for the machine. Visit for more information or visit Booth 1735 for a demo at the NRA Show May 16-19 in Chicago.

Telio® presents Greek brand sausages

All natural and gluten free, Telio® sausages contain no added hormones, artificial ingredients or MSG. They are fully cooked for easy heat and serve use and may be kept refrigerated. Choose from three varieties – Habanero, Leek, and Loukaniko, and experience natural great taste. Visit

Guilt-free noodles from House Foods

Premium tofu purveyor House Foods introduces Smart Noodle, a new product with fiber from oats and rice brand plus Omega 3. Serve with casseroles, soups, stir-frys and more, the guilt-free noodle is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO-verified and Kosher Certified. It comes in fettucine and spaghetti shapes, says the company which is extending its current portfolio of Traditional Shirataki and Tofu Shirataki noodles. Visit



Wine of the Week – Reserve Spéciale Bordeaux 2011

Barons de Rothschild’s Reserves was created to offer what it calls a line of wines for “casual enjoyment.” Imported in the U.S. by Pasternak Wine Imports and this particular vintage returns Bordeaux to harmony and balance, the winemakers say, after several years.

The Bordeaux is comprised of 70 percent Merlot and 30 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and was made during one of the hottest of the hottest, sunniest and driest summers of the past several decades, resulting in early ripening of the fruit.

The result is a fruity, almost purple  wine with red and black currant and raspberry scents. The Bordeaux has silky tannins and a peppery licorice finish. ABV is 12.7 percent. Retail price is around $16. Value is here for the consumer and the restaurant alike.