Wine of the Week – 2011 Donelan “Nancie” Chardonnay

Joe Donelan’s winery, Donelan Family Wines, has a tagline – “Wine is a journey Not a destination.” It reflects his personal vision for a business he got into and believes in deeply, contending that the best wines “are not made but discovered.” His family is deeply involved in every facet of the business today. The 2009 “Nancie” Chard was among the winery’s first vintages. The ’11 is fresh and delicious with good minerality and notes of lemon, mandarin and ripe melon. There are hints of spices as well – anise and others, but it’s the freshness that makes it appealing along with the promise of greater depth as it ages. The pursuit of quality is key at Donelan and it’s a journey lovers of wine will want to join in on with this talented family. Go to

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