Wine of the Week – Rustenberg 1682

Rustenberg, from Stellenbosch in South Africa, markets the wine under the Ida or Rustenberg 1682 labels. Designed for easy, accessible drinking, the wine is a blend comprised of 62.1 percent Sauvignon ImageBlanc, 21.7 percent Chardonnay, 7.6 percent Semillon, 15.6 percent Vigonier, 1.9 percent Grenache Blanc and 1.1 percent Roussane. They blend together, offering fruity notes of melon, passion fruit, and peach – a bouquet of delicate flavors. The vineyard dates to 1682 and was purchased by the Barlow Family in 1941 and lovingly passed on to the next generation which, in 1981, reinvigorated it with a new winery and imported virus-free clones and grapes to replant the vineyards. As South Africa left behind the isolation of the Apartheid years, Rustenberg took its place, growing grapes on the slopes, creating blends according to the vintage, and last year, naming Indigo Wine Group as its US importer. The wine is available in MA from Ruby Wines. Go to

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