Products on Parade – Energy-saving LED lights lower costs

OSRAM Osram Sylvania launches a new line of energy-saving LED lighting to help operators and create warm, inviting foodservice environments.Your lighting plays a major role in creating an ambience for guests. Save up to 86 percent with SYLVANIA ULTRA B13 LED lamp with a 2500K color temperature, described as the brightest, dimming LED replacement for a 40W incandescent B10 lamp with a light output of 330 lumens. Lasting 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lamps, the ULTRA B13 LED lamp provides sparkling light that is ideal for hospitality applications in decorative fixtures such as chandeliers and wall sconces.
In addition, the company is expanding the SYLVANIA ULTRA SE™ LED family of lamps with sunset effect, incandescent-like dimming. Available in PAR38 with BR/R types coming this fall, SYLVANIA ULTRA SE LED lamps combine energy efficiency with the flexibility of customizing mood and ambience in any setting.

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