A large wine named for a huge dinosaur!

Gargantuavis Pinot Noir 2010 from the Languedoc-Roussilon’s Limoux is a huge wine – much like the Mesozoic dinosaur it’s named for from 70 millions years ago that was seven feet high and weighed 310 lbs. It’s skeletal remains were found in the region’s earth – the vineyard’s red soils.
The name is apt for this is a large wine with a richness and depth of flavor.The wine ages 12 months in barriques, 20 percent of them new. The toasty flavors have a cherry nose. It’s an elegant wine with finesse.
The cellar, Anne de Joyeuse, practices sustainable wine growing and has been “protecting the planet” since 1994.
The name Garagntuavis Phyloinos means Gargantua bird who loves wine! The history of Vin de Pays d’Oc wines goes back to the fifth century and the vineyards are among France’s oldest. In MA, distribution is through Winebow, Inc. in Somerville.

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