A story of 10 vintages – very special wines–

Most of us think of time in years but at Coro Menocino in California’s Mendocino County, it’s measured in vintages.
This year, the winery recalls that it was 10 vintages ago that a group of local winemakers came together to discuss a unique idea – creating a new, ultra-premium wine blend to showcase the county’s heritage varietal, Zinfandel.
The wine was christened “Coro” from the Latin word for ‘chorus.’ Each wine is a signature blend, individually crafted in Mendocino County from 100% Mendocino grapes in accordance with county by-laws. Each wine must lead with 40 to 70% Zinfandel and be blended with nine named varietal that honor the old Italian field blends of the county.
Production adheres to strict protocols with strict rules concerning wine chemistry, barrel and bottle aging and more.
Production is limited. Finally, the wines are judged in a series of independent blind tastings, after which they are certified to bear the Coro Mendocino mark and label. They are believed to be the only wines in the United States and maybe, the world, to adhere to such stringent quality rules.
Ten years later, the Coro Winemaker Class of 2010 presents the 10th anniversary vintage of the Coro wines with a suggested retail price of $40.
The bottles include:
Brutocao Cellars, winemaker David Brutocao; Claudia Springs, winemaker Bob Klindt; Fetzer Vineyards, winemaker Zdanelia Arcidiacono; Golden Vineyards, winemaker Dennis Patton; McFadden Farms, winemaker Guinness McFadden; McNab Ridge Winery, winemaker Rich Parducci; Mendocino Vineyards, winemaker George Phelan; Parducci Wine Cellars, winemaker Bob Swain; Philo Ridge, winemakre Heather McKelvy; and Ray’s Station, winemaker Margaret Pedroni.
Foodservice East is honored to receive the wines and will be writing about them individually in the near future.
* Please note: Outside of California, the wines may be ordered thru Parducci Winemaker Bob Swaim at 800-362-9463 or bobs@mendocinowineco.com

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