Lorie Donnelly promoted to vice president of foodservice sales

CHELSEA, MA – Lorie Donnelly joined Kettle Cuisine in 1993 as it began to pioneer sales of fresh, premium quality soups to chefs and restaurateurs across New England. As the business grew from its start in 1986 as a small garage operation to a small batch manufacturer of soups, sauces and dips now selling throughout the U.S., she was instrumental in building the business.

“I am so grateful to Lorie for her counsel and advice,” says Joe Rainert, Kettle Cuisine’s CEO. “Lorie’s incredible knowledge of the foodservice industry will continue to serve our company exceptionally well in the future as we move to our new state-of-the-art kitchens in Lynn, MA this Spring. Lorie assertively represents the voice of our customers in every decision that we make to ensure that, as we grow, we always remain a highly relevant and valued partner.”

In her spare time, Lorie volunteers with Make-A-Wish Foundation and Women’s Foodservice Forum. Her favorite Kettle Cuisine soup is Tomato with Garden Vegetables.

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