Wine of the Week- A rich & unusual red wine from Republic of Georgia

From the Republic of Georgia comes The Khareba Winery, in the Caucasian mountain range, makers of what may be the most unusual wines at this year’s Boston Wine Festival. Khareba makes more than 30 varieties of wine from the country’s Georgian and European varieties.
Saperavi Premium 2010 with its deep, dark pomegranate color is made from a native grape in Eastern Georgia in Khaketi region. With an intense nose and deep fruit flavors, it promotes its origins and long-time winemaking traditions well.
Georgia, it is believed, was the birthplace of winemaking, with the wines produced in small earthenware vessels. Today, Khareba, established in 1995, brings 2014 modern technologies to join with its ancient traditions dating to 8,000 BC to offer its vintages.
Today, the winery, which now imports its offerings to Asia, is seeking wider recognition in the U.S. Contact

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