Wine of the Week – McNab, Coro Mendocino 2010, McNab Ridge Winery

For more than 70 years, Richard Parducci’s family has been making wines in Southern California. This one, part of the Coro Mendocino consortium’s offerings of very special wines made to strict specs and blending specific grapes, is a creation that uses 63% Zinfandel, 12% Petite Sirah, 5% Pinotage, reflective of the diverse microclimates of the area and of the winemakers commitment to showing what the region can produce as the very highest level. They believe their creations over the past 10 vintages may be unique in their adherence to very strict guidelines—40% Zin coupled with up to nine named varietals honoring “Old Italian” blends.
Uncork the McNab, take a sip as you sniff,swish across your palate,try to detect the complex spicy, fruity liquid’s components, and sigh with pleasure.

These wines are not available through useful distribution sources. Visit

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