Wine of the Week – Le Jaja de Jau, 2013 Syrah, Chateau de Jau

Since 1792, Chateau de Jau in the Roussilon area of France’s Languedoc region has been recognized as a leading maker of wines and this carefree summer Syrah Rosé, clean and crispy with rich red berry fruit such as raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant and cherries, is a lively addition to summer lists. It’s called “jaja” which is slang for everyday wines which are house choices in many local establishments. This wine is full of flavor, a delicious summer option. The family estate is in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
Imported by Pasternak Wine Imports in Harrison, NY, le jaja de jau is 12 percent ABV. Winemaker Estelle Dauré is rebuilding the Chateau’s vineyards and revitalizing production for this 222-year-old winery.

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