Domaine Vico Vin de Corse Clos Venturi 2011

Vermintino is not a common grape, but this wine is one that points those of us unfamiliar with this island’s offerings to learn more. It’s Corsica’s primary white varietal. And none other than wine merchant Kermit Lynch recently called Corsica the most exciting wine region in France.

Clos Venturi comes from Domaine Vico Vin de Corse. Their wines are worth drinking and belong on more lists.
High altitude, the sea, and the soil yield wines that are elegant with good minerality and this varietal produces a wine that’s been called “the Montrachet of Corsica” by critic Michel Bettane. The vineyard dates to 1902 but was purchased in the ’90s by two businessmen and an oenologist whose efforts at making sustainable wines are paying off. They restructured, from the vineyards to vilification processes. The vineyard is the highest on the island and is now winning high recognition.
With a suggested retail price of $32.99, this is a wine that offers value and would be a welcome addition to any list.

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