What’s Brewin’ – Kloster Andechs Dopplebock Dunkel

Kloster Andechs Dopplebock Dunkel is a brew that goes back a long ways – to the day in 1455 when seven Benedictine monks arrived at a new monastery in Andechs, Germany, bringing their expertise in brewing techniques.
If you love dark beers, this one is a must. Rich, complex, robust and flavorful, it is a brew to be enjoyed slowly with a great meal – think a long, slow cooked brisket of beef.
The dark coppery color has hints of red and the beer is velvety, smooth and offers notes of dried fruit and caramel. It’s a complex, malty brew with cocoa/chocolate notes at the end. The beer is 18.5 ABV.
Lovers of dark beers will want to put this on their list. In the Boston area, it’s served at Bronwyn in Somerville, MA and is distributed by St. Killian Importing in Kingston, MA.

Photo credit: CB Haynes

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