Best New Products chosen at IHMRS

The International Hotel-Motel+Restaurant Show saw five exhibiting firms take home Editors’ Choice Awards this week, with EcoWall Garden™ winning the Kenneth F. Hine “Best of Show” honors.
The winners, listed by their categories, were:

GREEN: EcoWalls’ (Bordentown, NJ) Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ successfully blends form with function with its specifically designed system that controls water, nutrients, and lighting to create a sustainable growing environment for a wide variety of fragrant herbs, leafy greens, and other edible plants year-round.

KITCHEN DESIGN: Franke (Aarburg, Switzerland) BKON Craft Brewer’s proprietary brewing process called RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion™) uses reduced air pressure as a brewing or infusion variable that produces deep and layered flavor profiles that are truly unmatched.

OPERATIONS: FlexCart, LLC (New Albany, OH)’s Hotel Engineering Cart is compact, lightweight and very maneuverable, and proven to substantially increase productivity, inventory control, and the overall professionalism of property operations. It includes removable tool bag with 84 tools in 42 labeled pockets, and can carry up to a 6’ ladder.

TABLETOP: VerTerra Dinnerware (New York, NY) offers new collapsible boxes, made from reclaimed balsa wood with a rice paper finish, and feature an innovative reflexive lid and pop-up design, allowing for everything to ship, store, and lay completely flat, saving space while still presenting food well.

TECHNOLOGY: Partender (San Francisco, CA) Bar Inventory & Ordering in 15 Minutes on iPhone, iPad reduces the time it takes owners and managers to do full bar inventory & ordering from 6 hours (or more) to just 15 minutes – all on iOS. While users take inventory of their virtual bars on Partender’s patent-pending system using any iOS device, they can view accounting and order reporting on the web or Excel.

Editors from leading hospitality trade publications reviewed over 120 submissions of the latest products for the industry, and selected winners based on innovative product design, how a product answers a particular industry need, creative use of material or construction, and development or use of a new technology.
Judges for the 19th annual IHMRS Editors’ Choice Awards were Kris Burnett, Hospitality Upgrade; Glenn Hasek, Green Lodging News; Beth Lorenzini, Foodservice Equipment Reports; Michelle Renn, Hotel-Online; and Christine Trauthwein, Hotel Business.

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