The Spirit(s) World – LEAF® Vodka expands distribution

LEAF® Vodka,launched in NJ and CT, is now available in MA and NY here in the Northeast as it gains traction with vodkas made fro, Alaskan Glacier Water and Rocky Mountain Mineral Water. Both have won accolades in a number of competitions for the clean and elegant taste of both offerings.The ownerTh, Global Spirits, comes from the Ukraine with the slogan, “Water is the spirt of vodka.”
The company’s US subsidiary is Megapolis in Minneapolis, MN. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Ukraine, Global Spirits now ranks as one of the top 500 companies in Europe, with annual volumes over 12 million cases. Distributed in over 80 countries, key strategic brands include Khortytsa Vodka (3rd largest selling international vodka brand*) and Morosha Vodka (fastest growing international vodka brand*). For more information on Global Spirits, please see the corporate website:

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