The Spirit(s) World – Balls Vodka

Balls Vodka is a beverage with a definite sense of humor. From its bikini-clad blonde on the one-liter bottle to playful marketing, it’s about serving an ultra-premium product with a spirit of fun. Yoav Sisley, the man behind the brand, was in the spirit business for 18 years before making this product, his first custom vodka.
The bottle delivers smooth flavor, crispness, and an agreeable, clean taste and is also gluten-free with no GMOs unlike some corn-based vodkas. Distilled in the Midwest, the important dilution process is done in Rochester, NY because, the company points out, the most important factor in the ultimate flavor is that it be diluted with the cleanest, purest water available. There is no ethanol flavor or unpleasant burn – just the pleasant heat and taste of a well made spirit/
So raise your glass a toast a vodka with a ballsy sense of fun.

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