What’s Brewin’- Blue Point Brewing Company’s Blue Point http://bluepointbrewing.com/bpbc/about/our-story/

There’s a lot of pleasure to be had sipping an excellent brew in an old historic setting like the Warren Tavern on Main St. and Warren St. in Charlestown, MA, a site where the early British colonists gathered in the days leading to what became the American Revolution.

The brew we sipped was Blue Point Toasted Lager, created by Mark Burford and Pete Cotter, two guys who loved beer, who opened their own brewery 17 years ago and have won six awards for their brews. This lager is the most popular and is available year-round in drafts, kegs, barrels, bottles and cans.

The coppery brew is ‘toasted’ in a brick oven and is 5.5 percent ABV. It’s a great balance of hops and six different malts. Blue Point recycles its used mash to local dairy farms where it replaces more costly feed for the cattle. The cows, the brewers say, “love it.” Learn more about the brewery at www. http://bluepointbrewing.com/bpbc/about/our-story/

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