Wine of the Week – The Red Mullet (by Pikes), 2005

This particular vintage is no longer available but was on our wine rack from a purchase that goes back to 2007 or so. Made in the northern part of South Australia by Neil and Andrew Pike, chief winemaker and viticulturist at Pikes Wines, respectively, it was a beautiful Shiraz blend with rich ripe dark berry fruits and a soft finish. Memorable as delicious when purchased, it was even more redolent of berries eight years later. The brothers, who grew up in their father’s vineyards and later worked for other vintners, began their own venture in 1984.
Shiraz is the primary grape (76%) but there are also Mourvedre (9%),Tempranillo (8%) and Grenache (7%).
The ’05 vintage was part of The Australian Premium Wine Collection, honored for qualities deemed to make it one of the country’s finest wines. We normally only do one Wine of the Week weekly, but this was a special treat we wanted to share!
The most recent vintage, which we have yet to explore, (2011) is a different blend with Shiraz, Malbec, Merlot and Tempranillo and is described as medium weight on the palate, soft, rich and juicy. Like prior vintages, this is an affordable, moderately priced wine delivering higher value associated with higher prices. Check out these wines at

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