Wine of the Week #2 – Radio Boca Tempranillo, 2013, Hammeken Cellars

This week calls for an additional wine – a red. It is Radio Boca Tempranillo, 2013 from Hammeken Cellars, a producer of beautiful and often elegant Spanish wines from two Danes who moved to Spain to chase their dreams and make wines in Valencia. Radio Boca Tempranillo is a playful wine that they describe as an “international collaboration between Danes, Spains, Americans and one plain jane.”

“Don’t settle for boring wines!” the winemakers declare. The Radio Boca brand is one with wines from vines that are 25 to 50 years old, grown on a mountainside for “altitude with attitude.” When you try Radio Boca, you “turn up the volume” of your personal radio, your voice, and tell others about the wines. Radio Boca Tempranillo is smooth and rich, 13 percent ABV. Perfect as a wine by the glass, it, like many of the wines we like a lot, offers value to both diners and restaurateurs. This year it was rated 90 points by Guia Penin. Go to

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