Wine of the Week – Stemmari 2014 Rosé, Wines of Sicily

It’s appropriate during the week we celebrate Earth Day to look at a winery that is nothing if not sustainable. Stemmari, has been honored with the European certificate, EMAS, for  its many green practices in its farming. The winery is solar powered, does pruning by hand, and adds organic matter and nutrients to enrich the soil in which its grapes grow. This very nice rosé displays fruity notes of raspberry and blackberry, bringing reminders of summer. The winery is more than 50 percent underground and contains heated solar panels on its roof to help it produce 3,500 gallons of water a day.

This wine is delicate and fresh, 12 percent ABV. Sicilian wines date to the Greek and Roman era, but today, this winery, Feudi Arancio, makes its wines  in a traditional villa in stainless tanks. in 2002 Feudo Arancio became the first Italian winery to receive the ECO Management and Audit Scheme 2 certification for its entire production chain. Feudo Arancio assessed its initial environmental condition, drafted plans for environmental impact improvements and committed to an external auditing system that evaluates the results of these projects. A computerized system monitors both cultivation of the vines and harvesting.

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