What’s Brewin’ – Allagash White

Brewed year-round in West Portland, ME at Allagash Brewing Company,Allagash White is a traditional Belgian white, light, crisp, spicy and fruity, and has won three World Beer Cup Gold Medals.

Brewed with wheat, it is spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, it is unique in that fresh yeast is added after it is bottled, along with candi sugar and the beer is then moved to a temperature controlled room where it undergoes new fermentation. The process is said to give it its authentic Belgian qualities. ABV is five percent.

We sipped it recently at Bobby Flay’s Bar American at Mohegan Sun where the bartender agreed it was the perfect end to a Spring day! It’s available in 12 oz. bottles or draught. Go to http://www.allagash.com.


Photo credit: CB Haynes

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