Introducing new products that save $ and more

In the Spring issue of Foodservice East we have a couple of stories on new products that caught our attention in a new way – taking operations in new directions that are sustainable and eco-conscious in one case and moving the purchasing process in new directions for beverage managers in the other.

EcoThermal Filter System introduced by Next Step Living may be read about  on page 5. The system was introduced earlier this year by the eight-year-old Next Step Living to help operators reuse energy by recycling heat from the cooking line. If you are interested in learning more about this product, applauded by the Green Restaurant Association and endorsed by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, you’ll want to check out the story and visit to learn how this can be very helpful to your operations!

The second product is BEVSPOT,  a new way of beverage product ordering and management  that is twice as fast as older methods and can bring major savings to restaurant beverage managers as well as simplifying ordering, inventory and more. Go to for full details.

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