Reuilly, Les Pierres Plates, 2013

There is a chalky minerality to this Kermit Lynch import from the eastern Loire region in France where Denis Jamain’s family began making wines 80 years ago. Today, after adding 17 hectares to the estate, the winery’s practices are biodynamic and organic. Jamain is said to love the land so deeply that he carries a stone from the vineyard in his pocket.

This Sauvignon Blanc is from a vineyard where the area has been called “the poor man’s Sancerre”. The family first planted grapes in 1935 and Jamin has expanded the vineyard to17 hectares.

The soil, with minerals, clay, fossils and sea shells, gives the resulting Sancerre a distinctive minerality all its own. With 12.5% ABV, it is aromatic, floral and smoky. Beneath the soil, Kimmeridgian limestone forms part of a geological chain connecting the Loire Valley with Chablis in Burgundy. Contributing to the strong local character of the wines, Denis Jamain selects special oak trees in his grandfather’s forest to be used for oak barrels in which to age them.

The wines offer notes of citrus, white flowers and the distinctive minerality. The approximate retail price is $19.99. The winery produces around 11,000 cases a year.

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