Wine of the Week – Jambalaia Rouge 2014 La Clarine Farm


Henry Beckmeyer and Caroline Hoël have a philosophy of making wine as naturally as possible – few or no additives, yeasts, concentrates or chips of wood. It’s all about letting the grapes tell their story.

We recently had the opportunity to taste this wine and three others at Boston’s Wine Bottega in the North End where the winemakers poured and discussed their philosophy.

Hank and Caroline started La Clarine Farm in 2001 and quickly “learned a lot.” Their production is small, just 2,500 bottles, but they reflect the winemakers’ love of what they do and their involvement in, as they put it, “being part of the equation,” helping the grapes express themselves.

Jambalaia Rouge 2014 Sierra Foothills Red Wine is a blend – Mourvedre 48 percent, Grenache 37 percent, Marsanne 14 percent and Fiano/Ameis one percent. It’s a lighter red created for summer drinking, but will complement food well no matter the time of year.

With aromas of fruit, it offers fresh plum flavors and is well balanced with texture, tannin, minerality and acidity in the manner of a lovely Cote du Rhone. If it is sold out at the winery in Somerset, CA in the Sierra Nevada foothills, you may find it at wine retailers. It’s marketed here in the Northeast and is 13 percent ABV. Visit

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