A message from the founder of Cochon555

Brady Lowe, founder of Cochon555, a program which, for the past seven years, has been educating the country about heritage breed pigs with a movement designed to create better, safer, eating, launched a new foundation last fall.

In Lowe’s words, it will “gift breeding stock to new family farms. The physical Piggy Bank farm will have 10 heritage breeds living side-by-side and this foundation stock will produce 600 offspring each year. The offspring (breeding stock) will be gifted to farmers because genetics are very expensive. Piggy Bank will give farmers free genetics in exchange for a business plan and those business plans will be shared online for the community. Additionally, Piggy Bank will support existing farmers requiring genetics to diversify bloodlines or rebuild following a disaster. Not all pigs will and on pasture each month and those pigs will be sent to culinary schools for education and research. Now let us fast forward five years, we have gifted a thousand pigs who are living on pasture producing offspring and hundreds of business plans are online resulting, the idea of open source agriculture is a vibrant conversation all over the country. Piggy Bank is this foundation – a new transparent agriculture for the family farming movement.”

He urges all of us who have loved and supported Cochon555 to “learn more about Piggy Bank, and be willing, to make a donation. January is a critical month to evaluate the response from our community. If you want to support Piggy Bank, we hope you can mark your calendars today to help us before end of 2015 (reducing your taxable income) or sometime in early 2016. This initial response will help us set our pace for getting the materials to build the farm and quarantine facility. With widespread support, we could have our first pigs in the spring.

Please visit http://www.piggy-bank.org to learn more about the cause and how to become a donor. Thank you for your time and consideration. Join the Piggy Bank conversation on Twitter @PiggyBankOrg.”

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