New England Coffee celebrates 100 years

MALDEN, MA  – New England Coffee celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, launching a new campaign, Extraordinary People, to celebrate its customers both foodservice and retail, and new coffee beverages. Today, a division of Reily Foods, it launches the Extraordinary People Campaign, a year-long program to honor the company’s customers and consumers for helping it reach a century in the coffee brewing business.

“We are very excited to be marking our centennial year by celebrating the people who got us here,” says Michael Morse, vice president of marketing, Reily Foods Company. “Our dedicated employees and the hardworking people who serve and drink our coffee in big cities and small towns all over the country are the reason we’ve prospered for 100 years. And, they’re the reason we’ve never wavered on quality and the processes we use. We are grateful to them all.”

At the recent New England Food Show,  New England Coffee introduced its special Centennial Reserve coffee blend to commemorate its milestone year. It will be available for foodservice and retail. Known for flavored coffees, New England Coffee debuted two new seasonal flavors, Butter Pecan and Peach Berry Smash, available now through August. To help foodservice operators address the ever-increasing appeal of cold coffee, New England Coffee announced its versatile Cold Brew Steeping Kit made with a 100% Arabica fresh ground coffee blend developed for slow steeping to deliver a superior, smooth brew.

New England Coffee’s year-long Extraordinary People Campaign includes the #YouAreExtraordinary Tour, an extensive sampling and engagement tour throughout New England. The tour is a mobile engagement program that will travel to restaurants, coffee shops and community locations around New England to thank the extraordinary people who serve and drink New England Coffee. Photos will capture the people in these communities and will be posted in the Extraordinary People ‘Gallery’ on the company’s website. All are invited to post photos to the gallery, to New England Coffee’s Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #YouAreExtraordinary. A selection of the photos may even land in the campaign’s advertising! The Extraordinary People Campaign also includes radio, digital and print advertising; a newly designed website; a social media initiative; a special Centennial Reserve Coffee and a commemorative coffee table book and short film that share the company’s 100-year history and culture.

Founded in 1916 by two brothers and a cousin from the Kaloyanides and Dostou families who delivered coffee to restaurants by horse and wagon, today New England Coffee is offered nationwide in thousands of coffee shops, restaurants, retailers, grocery and convenience stores.

The company still uses the founders’ old-world method of small-batch roasting 100% Arabica beans onsite that are tested over 7,000 times per week, and the art of cupping, where specially certified experts evaluate every nuance of the coffee from aroma, to body and texture, to acidity and sweetness. In 2013, New England Coffee was purchased by Reily Foods Company, also a family business, which was founded in 1902.























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