What’s Brewin’ – Foolproof Brewing’s Raincloud

There is beer, and then there are brews – great beers that surpass your expectations! We stumbled across Foolproof Brewing’s Raincloud on a sunny day in Somerville, MA at La Brasa and instantly were transported.

Raincloud is designed to be drunk on a rainy day – all of Foolproof’s brews have specific experiences they are created for drinking at. This one is designated as one for days when it’s pouring outside.

As a fan of dark beers, we were instantly intrigued, asked our waitress about it and ordered it on the spot. We weren’t disappointed. Raincloud is rich and flavorful, identified on its label as a Robust Porter, which describes it well. It’s dark, smooth and is made with chocolate, European hops, and crystal malts. There’s no question it would brighten a rainy day if you’re a dark beer aficionado, but it’s terrific on a bright Spring day as well. It’s raining in Boston as we write this, and we wish we had some here right now. Ask your distributor if they are carrying Foolproof Brewing’s Raincloud. We suspect the other beers coming from their brewery in Pawtucket will be equally impressive. It’s only three years old, but it’s already Rhode Island’s largest brewery.


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