The Spirits World – Meet Roxy’s Rosado

How many times have you gone to a restaurant on a busy evening and had a cocktail made especially for you? If you’re hesitant to say never, fear not! It’s not a common occurrence, but recently, we had that experience and it was memorable!

This past week, at Boston’s Outlook Kitchen And Bar at the Envoy Hotel in the Seaport, Head Bartender Michael Ray took the time to do just that – make a special drink for a friend who was with us, just for her.

He named it Rosy Rosato and it was the perfect drink for a warm summer evening, beautiful, delicious and well crafted.

When asked for the recipe, Michael jotted it on his business card and we are excited to share it. It’s a drink that deserves acclaim!


Roxy’s Rosato by Michael Ray

Blend Privateer amber rum, hibiscus syrup, simple syrup and lime, and shake. Top with rosé Champagne. Enjoy in a fluted glass.


Thank you to Michael for making a fun evening out on a beautiful evening even more special!


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