An article by Vicky Mayne on about augmented reality and the current Pokémon craze caught our eye today and we wanted to share it. Go to to learn about the mix of real world with an imaginary one that’s led to a new era in which many cellphone users are chasing an imaginary game creation, Pokémon from their PokémonGo free app. Mayne points out that augmented reality today “can let you take a peek inside a restaurant as you walk by, allow you to try on clothes without a changing room and give you a 360-degree in-situ preview of your home decorating plans .

The challenge for content marketers will be how to use this technology to provide a useful service to chosen audiences. Such an exchange of practical information in return for loyalty, trust or attention is at the heart of content marketing.” Because visual information is processed faster than text and interactive formats can keep users occupied, spending more time on your sites. It’s an intriguing new world and one we all need to learn more about!


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