What’s Brewin’ -Lagunitas Lucky 13 A Mondo Large Red Ale

@LagunitasBeer calls this brew, known as Lucky 13 A Mondo Large Red Ale, an ultra-mega red ale. It was created to celebrate the brewery’s 13th anniversary in 2006. It’s a Spring seasonal, available April – June, but we got lucky and found it nearby recently and now hope they’ll have more when we return!

This Imperial Red Ale, Lagunitas Brewmaster Jeremy Marshall declares,  was made “in honor of 13 things.” It is strong, with lots of kiln malt which has a distinctive red color. That comes from the high temperature of the kiln, he explains.

Marshall finds notes of “grapefruit, berries, roasted walnuts and slightly charred leprechauns” in the resulting brew. We aren’t so sure about the leprechauns – you may have to be Irish to detect them.

However, this brew is rich and smooth and, as Marshall pretty accurately notes, “something you want to pet and stroke.” It’s got 8.8 ABV and comes in 12 oz. six packs as well as being available on tap.

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