Have you met Dr. Potato?

We have a friend in the Midwest who has a second identity – Dr. Potato. He’s Don Odiorne, vice president-foodservice at the Eagle, ID Idaho Potato Commission.

Staffers at IPC weren’t surprised this year to discover that Dr. Potato garnered 959,328 page views, nearly 50 percent of the http://www.idahopotato.com views. Operators and their customers alike are turning to Dr. Potato for answers to a myriad of potato-related questions, they point out.

For example, “What is the correct oven temperature and time to cook a baked potato?” racked up 234,062 visits alone. Dr. Potato also dispenses advice on wide-ranging topics such as how to make the best mashed potatoes, best applications for processed potatoes, and potato salad tips. In fact, the top five recipes for 2015-2016 reflect the popularity of both potato salads and mashed potatoes: 1. Traditional Potato Salad, 2. Traditional Mashed Potatoes, 3. Summer Potato Salad, 4. Mashed Potato Bar, 5. Au Gratin Idaho® Potatoes.

Visit Dr. Potato for answers to your potato questions at idahopotato.com. Also, browse IPC’s foodservice recipe database or downed the Idaho Potato Commission Foodservice Toolkit at idahopotato.com/foodservice. There’s also a helpful size guide, preparation tips and answers and solutions to operational and culinary questions.

The commission dates to 1937 and is a state agency responsible for promoting and protecting farmers. As a longtime lover of Idaho potatoes, we want to share their always helpful information so restaurateurs and foodservice operators here in the Northeast will turn to them as a resource.Cheers to IPC and Dr. Potato!

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