Nothing sweeter than sweet corn in August

Dating to the days of several Native American tribes, sweet corn, which they called Papoon, is the result of a naturally occurring recessive mutation in field corn that controls the conversion of sugar to starch. The Indians, we’re told by Wikipedia, gave the sweet corn to European settlers in 1779 and the rest is history, We always have sweet corn on the brain at this time of year, having been lucky enough to grow up in Western New York where a next-door neighbor used to pick it on her sister’s farm in a nearby town and share it with us that same day. The memory still makes me salivate! Fresh, dripping with butter, it was a sweet addition to a meal.

Here in Boston, two South End restaurants are doing very creative things with sweet corn this year. There’s Corn on the Cob with Togarashi Line Mayo, Toasted Coconut, Black Lime Salt and Cilantro from Banyan Bar + Refuge. Nearby, at The Gallows, you’ll want to check out “Street” Corn, made with Pimento Black Pepper Boursin Cheese and Cojita with Charred Garlic Scape. If you know other examples of creative ways to serve this beloved veggie, please share with us at!


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