Wine of the Week – Donelan Syrah, 2010

Our wine this week is Donelan‘s Syrah, Walker Vine Hill 2010 from California’s Russian River Valley. Actually, we are sure this wine has been sold out for some time as it’s been residing in our wine rack for four years or so, waiting for a moment when we needed something really special.

Donelan’s slogan is “Wine is a journey…not a destination.” This beautiful red pays tribute to its Russian River region and Gold Ridge loam soils. Beautifully structured, deeply concentrated, this Syrah had limited production – 14 barrels, 350 cases. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the bottle on our rack.

The most recent last vintage of the Walker Vine Hill Syrah is 2013. With a similarly rich nose, it draws the wine drinker in, offering “velvety tannins and a long, full finish.” It draws on the best traits of prior vintages, such as the purity of the 2010, spice of 2011 and structure of 2012.

The Donelan family has a small boutique winery that focuses on quality and that pursuit has been and continues to be its journey. The wines from this northern California producer have been compared with the great wines of France. Syrah is a major focus, along with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, three blends (including a rosé) and Vigonier.  The goal is always to “discover only the very best of every place.” We urge you to take a look!


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