What’s Brewin’ – Harpoon Interrobang

We love dark beers! Beginning with Guinness Stout many years ago, they were all we drank for many years until the craft beer explosion in the past decade or more.

This past weekend we discovered a new dark beer that stands alone as a star example of how great it can be on the “dark side” of brews. Harpoon’s Interrobang, a rich, dark beer available from September to December, makes a bold statement all its  own.

Audacious is a word that comes to mind when we think about this brew. It has the highest ABV in Harpoon’s brewing history at 18 percent. When we ordered it, the bartender quickly pointed that out, asking if that was a problem! Our answer was no and he proceeded to open the bottle (22 ounces) and pour.

It’s a malty beer with rich coffee aromas. Sip it slowly and enjoy the richness of Interrobang – an experience that gives the day a big “bang” as you sit up, take notice and enjoy the malty, coffee notes. Four months is a short time for a brew to be on the shelves so we’re sorry we only just discovered it. Interrobang  – we hope to meet you again before the new year!

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