TW Food Restaurant closing


BOSTON – After 10 years,TW Food Restaurant, owned by Chef Tim and Director Bronwyn Wiechmann, will close February 19th to make way for what will be a big change. “We have been hard at work developing that presentation,” they say, noting that it will be “an exciting surprise” with a new name, a “greatly updated focus to the food,a renovated room and a new total dining experience.” Stay tuned, they urge diners, and they will announce the opening this Spring.

ProWein set for March in Dusseldorf, Germany

DUSSELDORF – ProWein, the international trade event for wine and spirits, will be held here March 19-21 with more than 6,000 exhibitors from 120 countries. It’s said to be the largest trade fair of its kind with wholesale and retail food trade, hotel and gastronomy purveyors,as well as wine and spirits. Learn more about this year’s event at

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