What’s Brewin’

New Belgian Brewery enters Massachusetts market

BOSTON – New Belgian Brewery, based in Ft. Collins, CO with an additional outpost in Asheville, NC, recently entered the Boston market with its craft beers. We were fortunate to order a beer that was out of stock at Pier 6 in Charlestown, MA last night and the bartender suggested Fat Tire from New Belgian!

New Belgian also has seasonal brews and sour beers. Previously these brews weren’t  available in our region until a second brewery opened in Asheville, NC, a bit closer. Fat Tire, an amber ale, is all about balance with earthy hops, toasted malts and fruity esters. It’s named for a bike trip that one of the brewery owners took through Europe.

Well balanced, it is toasty, malty and well worth trying with a fresh sweetness. Fat Tire is made with three different malts and three separate sets of hops. It has an ABV of 5.2% and farmhouse cheeses – think Cheddars and Parmigiano Reggiano. We’d definitely have it again. A second offering from New Belgian Brewery is expected at Pier 6 later this year.

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