Winebow Group expands distribution into RI

RICHMOND, VA – The Winebow Group recently began distribution In Rhode Island, increasing its reach to 21 states across the U.S. The RI business is now overseen by Mary Masters, vice president and general manager of Winebow New England, and Arjun Dewan, executive vice president, Wholesale East.

Victory Brewing redefines lagers

DOWNINGTOWN, PA – Victory Brewing Company recently unveiled Home Grown New American Lager with six varieties of American whole-flower hops and 4.8 percent ABV. The hops – Azacca, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra and Mosaic – pair juicy, resinous aromas with a mix of low-bitterness and citrus flavor plus a touch of malt, the brewer points out. It’s currently available in PA, NJ and DE.

Oxbow Brewing Co. creates a tart saison with hints of lobsters

NEWCASTLE, ME – The brewers at Oxbow Brewing Co. created what they call “a salted funy-tart saison” with lobsters added in to offer what they called “a light-handed” lobster twist to bring “maritime funk into the beer.” They added a dozen lobsters to the boiling kettle of grain, cooking them in the mash for 12 minutes. The beer, Saison Dell’Aragosta, is said to be slightly boozy and refreshing, a rich dark brew.

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