Wine of the Week – Dow’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port

Rich and unctuous, this tawny port by Dow’s has been cask aged for 10 years, a blend of younger and old wines that offers a bouquet described by many as nutty with touches of vanilla and citrus. It’s meant to be served in a glass with six or more ounce capacity to allow the aromas to come through. Relatively dry, it pairs nicely with soft ripened cheeses, fruit tarts and flans, and may be chilled a bit in the summer months to serve as a dessert wine.

Dow’s has been making Ports for a very long time – more than 200 years –  and the beautiful Tawny Ports, while aging, lose their deep red color, turning amber as they age in oak casks. What starts as a combination of young wines with excellent style and body becomes, over the 10 years, a medium bodied, rich, spicy, fruity wine. It may be served chilled in warmer months.

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