Tork wins Best Marketing Strategy award

PHILADELPHIA – Tork, a hygiene brand from Essity, was awarded Best Marketing Strategy from Tissue World this Spring for its Take Back The Lunch Break program. The company’s research shows that while hour-long lunch breaks may be gone, their demise may be negatively impacting employee job satisfaction in U.S. workplaces. Research by the company, a manufacturer of hand towels, toilet paper, napkins and soap, shows that nearly 90 percent of employees view the ability to take a lunch break as critical when seeking new jobs, only 62 percent feel encouraged to take one. That discrepancy, a Gallup study of U.S. employee engagement showed that only a third of American employees are engaged in their jobs and that those taking such breaks daily score higher on a wide range of employee engagement metrics such as job satisfaction, likelihood of continuing to work for the company, and recommending their employer to others. Interestingly enough, 88 percent of North American employers say their employees are encouraged to take regular lunch breaks, showing a large disconnect between them and their workers as only 62 percent of them actually feel encouraged. Don Lewis, president of Professional Hygiene at the company, notes that Tork’s research show getting fresh air, exercise or merely going out to buy lunch can improve how employees feel about their work and their employer. Their hesitancy is attributed to fear of being judged by bosses and coworkers. A Tork survey shows their concerns may be justified, noting that: • 34 percent of bosses consider how often an employee takes a lunch break when evaluating their job performance. • 22 percent of bosses think that employees who take a regular lunch break are less hardworking. • 13 percent of North American workers think their coworkers would judge them negatively if they take a regular lunch break. This June, Tork introduces the third Friday of the month as National Take Bake The Lunch Break Day, seeking to encourage workers to step away from desks and be energized. Visit for the full survey findings.

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