Sensory Program 2020 announced by Coffee Roaster Guild

SANTA ANA, CA – The Coffee Roaster Guild announces that the first event in its 2020 Sensory Program will be Sensory Summit at UC Davis in the Sensory Theatre inside the Robert Mondavi Institute at University of California Davis.

It will be a two-day conference to educate, inform and inspire Specialty Coffee sensory professionals with “intensive” seminars and workshops. Registration is now through December 13th and save up to $200.

Sessions include “The Journey of Discovery from Cherry to Cup: A Multiphasic Approach” as well as Titratable Aciditty in Coffee with William Ristenpart and Mackenzie Batali, “Understanding Precision Control of Coffee Brewing” with Andrew Cotter and William Ristenpart, “The Updated Coffee Brewing Control Chart” with Ristenpart and Batali, and “The Science Behind the Flavor Wheel” with Jean Xavier Guinard and Molly Spencer.

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