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NYC Food Waste Fair coming July 25

BROOKLYN, NY – The New York Waste Fair brings the food industry together with sustainability experts to learn how to reduce costs and get the most out of food, while helping New York’s environment. This expo-style event offers workshops, digital content and live demos at the Brooklyn Expo Center from 9 a.m. to 6 p. m. Go to


Taste new single grain Irish whiskey at Tales of the Cocktail

CHICAGO – Kilbeggan, an Irish town, produced a much loved whiskey for 200 years in a distillery that began in 1757. Today, the town celebrates a new premium whiskey, Kilbeggan® Single Grain Irish Whiskey, released here in the US recently.

“The passion and dedication that the citizens of Kilbeggan put into keeping this distillery alive is truly inspirational,” says John Cashman, Beam Suntory Global Brand Ambassador, Irish Whiskey. “Kilbeggan Single Grain is born out of this resilience and we are proud to offer a whiskey to be enjoyed by all – whether that’s as a traditional neat dram or in a modern craft cocktail. The folks at Kilbeggan Distilling Co. We are happy to share it with you any way you like.” The US became the first country in the world to introduce the whisky, introduce Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey in late June 2017 with a suggested retail price of $29.99 (750ml). It joins the U.S. portfolio alongside Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey (40% ABV), an approachable, smooth blended whiskey that is still made using traditional methods. With the new expression, Kilbeggan Distilling Company’s portfolio now features several whiskeys that appeal to and are available across a variety of consumer targets, price tiers and whiskey occasions. Visit






The Spirit(s) World – Egan’s 10 Year Old Single Malt

At the turn of the 20th century, the family business of P&H Egan was at its peak, with offices throughout Ireland spanning a broad range of industries. In Ireland they used to say that the Egan’s looked after you from ‘Cradle to the Grave’, meaning they would sell your parents the crib you slept in as a toddler and would eventually sell your children the coffin they buried you in!

At the New York International Spirits Competition recently, Egan’s Irish Whiskey won the Individual Spirits Competition. Jonathan and Maurice Egan carry on the work of making fine whiskey for six generations.

Today, Irish whiskey is said to be America’s fastest growing barrel aged spirit. As a lifelong lover  of Scotch whiskey, I was, I’ll admit, somewhat skeptical but one sip won me over – malty, smoky and elegant. It’s the company’s first foray into the U.S. market – with a gold/amber color, silky body and hints of honey, malt, cranberries apples, caramel and more, as writer and whiskey competition judge Robert Plotkin points out. We found it to be a rich and enjoyable sipping whiskey that definitely belongs on top bars! Visit