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Products on Parade

Remove waste quickly & simply

WORCESTER, MA – Remove waste oil with ease and durability with The Shortening Shuttle®, described by one user as ‘the best piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased for my restaurant.’ Visit for full details including spec sheets, replacement parts and much more.

Make great gelato with Bravo Equipment

CANTON, MA – Taylor of New England carries Bravo gelato machines, allowing you to make genuine Italian gelato. Check the products out at Learn about Trittico, the first multi-function machine for gelato, chocolate, pastry and catering.






New products for warmer weather




Escalon tomatoes in a variety of options

A variety of tomatoes in various formats – diced, concentrated crushed, organic, ground, pasta sauce, and paste and puree are available from Escalon. The Bella Rosa brand name means “beautifully red” and their vine-ripened tomatoes come with no added citric acid. Check out the various brands at



New snack chips with 70% less fat

Wellaby’s Simple Bakes offer a gluten and nut free tasty snack with less than 120 calories per serving. They’re also cholesterol free and contain no preservatives, trans fats, or artificial flavors or colors. Delicious and healthy, they contain only 0.5 grams of saturated fat and 200 mg. of sodium plus one gram of sugar. Go to



Products for a new year



Zeco Pro 3 for large amounts of deep frying

Zeco® Eco unit, built and designed by restaurateurs who do large quantities of deep frying and use significant amounts of fryer oil, is heading to NAFEM this winter. Visit Worcester Industrial Products at the Show to learn about this stand-alone filtration machine that uses a patented quick-change pad pan filter system with positive seal filtration. Operators using it report oil consumption down by almost 50 percent. It’s built with employee safety in mind and reduces exposure to hot oil while filtering. It’s also speedy with a five-minute filtration cycle per fryer, and washes food particles from the bottom of the frying, cutting cleaning labor. It’s easy to clean, with dishwasher safe components and has a large pre-filter basket to reduce filter clogging. Made in the USA, it comes with a three-year hose warranty and can work with any fryer and bulk oil system. It’s available from Worcester Industrial Products Corp., has a standard limited five-year warranty and comes with either an 88 or 120 lb. tank. Visit

Zeco ECO without back drop.jpg

Industry sees increase for healthier, ethnic kids’ items

Meeting the needs of families with children is of growing importance in today’s foodservice as Technomic’s 2016 Healthy Eating Consumer Trends Report notes that 46 percent of diners with youngsters 12 and younger are more likely to pick establishments with nutritious children’s options. At the same time, Dataessential Menu Trends notes that five out of 10 kids enjoy ethnic options. Butterball Foodservice, meeting these demands, introduces Banh Mi turkey wraps with lettuce cups that can be served separate from topping so youngsters can create their own wraps. Also new are turkey meatballs with more protein and less excess fat, and turkey pick-up sticks – skewers of peppered breast strips in a mild peanut sauce with a take on Thai food. Go to


Products on Parade

McCormick® Organics Recipe Mixes available

Four hearty recipe mixes from McCormick® Organics help create flavorful meals with certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. Check out Organic, Gravy, Chili and Fajita seasoning mixes that make flavor-packed meals easy for home cooks and foodservice operators with zesty blends. Visit And

Products on Parade – The Purse Perch

Customers with handbags. totes, and brief cases will find the Purse Perch the answer to what to do with those items without anxiety when dining out or sitting at a bar. Made in Mexico, The Purse Perch us  made of high-grade plastic  and high quality tubular steel, designed to hold 10 handbags, briefcases and hats. It’s 42 1/2 in. high and weighs just 3.2 lbs. but supports a weight of 100 lbs. plus.

It creates a comfort zone for diners, standing close by the table or booth to relieve concern for personal belongings in a public space. Freight costs are minimized by shipping the perch unconstructed, and assembly is easily done on receipt in a matter of minutes. Learn more about it at

Products on Parade – a turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – time to think about the traditional T-Day meal! At a to,e when more diners are looking for fresh, natural foods, this NON0GMO Project verified natural whole turkey from Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, Sonora, CA, is a good fit for Thanksgiving menus.

The birds are raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills where they’re fed a 100% vegetarian diet of premium grains enhanced with vitamins and minerals. They’re said to bring more value to the table with more meat, less fat and less water content than other birds.

Milled daily on the ranch, Diestel’s feed is completely free of antibiotics, growth enhancers, hormones, gluten, animal by-products and DDG’s (dried distillers grains). The NON-GMO Natural Whole Turkey is also GAP Rated Step 3, free of casein, carrageenan, phosphates, MSG, artificial ingredients and preservatives, ice-chilled for quality (no added salt solutions), and range in size from 12-16 lbs.

The birds are available to foodservice operators nationwide and are grown and processed by Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, one of the last small family owned turkey processors in the country. Learn more at

Introducing new products that save $ and more

In the Spring issue of Foodservice East we have a couple of stories on new products that caught our attention in a new way – taking operations in new directions that are sustainable and eco-conscious in one case and moving the purchasing process in new directions for beverage managers in the other.

EcoThermal Filter System introduced by Next Step Living may be read about  on page 5. The system was introduced earlier this year by the eight-year-old Next Step Living to help operators reuse energy by recycling heat from the cooking line. If you are interested in learning more about this product, applauded by the Green Restaurant Association and endorsed by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, you’ll want to check out the story and visit to learn how this can be very helpful to your operations!

The second product is BEVSPOT,  a new way of beverage product ordering and management  that is twice as fast as older methods and can bring major savings to restaurant beverage managers as well as simplifying ordering, inventory and more. Go to for full details.