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Bee’s Box Wines help save the bees

GEYSERVILLE, CA – “Buy a Bottle, Save A Bee” is the slogan for new wines from The Family Coppola here. The Family includes the Francis Ford Coppola Winery and the Virginia Dare Winery. The new wines will be released on August 19th at the Virginia Dare Winery here with festivities, tastings and informative sessions continuing through August 20th. Bee’s Box is part of the long-term sustainability aims of the Family Coppola wines, and grew to become an employee-driven program of beekeeping, fueled by grave concerns for diminishing bee populations, along with the wineries’ natural capacity to take action. Behind the project, Courtney Prose became responsible for maintaining the hives and providing direction to other employees tending the bees each week, while Lisa Asimont tabulates the overall impact on the estate. “The bees on our property are more than just hives,” says Asimont. “They’re our effort to promote biodiversity in our vineyards. When agriculture has greater biodiversity, the entire ecosystem benefits. It’s a cornerstone of being sustainable.” Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of Bee’s Box Wines will be donated to organizations whose mission is to promote pollinator health through conservation, education, and research. One is the San Francisco-based Pollinator Partnership and their Bee Friendly Farming Center through which farmers and growers can certify themselves by following prescribed guidelines, and subsequently identify themselves with the BFF logo of a black bee on a green background.

About the Wines

2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay (Monterey, Mendocino and Lodi) Nose: ripe tropical fruits, including pineapple, pears, and melon layered between tones of vanilla, roasted nuts, and mocha Palate: rich crème brulée texture with flavor of a fruit compote finish and blend of baking spices

2016 Bee’s Box Pinot Noir (Santa Barbara, Monterey, and Clarksburg) Nose: vibrant fragrance of cranberries, black cherries, nutmeg, vanilla, and oak

Wine of the Week – Limestone Hill Chardonnay, 2012

Danie de Wets’ family began producing wine in South Africa’s Robertson Valley in the late 17th century but it wasn’t until the 20th century that he began urging his father to study European techniques and approaches to winemaking.
The winery pioneered European whites and has been winning awards ever since. Grapes grown in gravelly hills and fermented in stainless tanks are the basis of this wine with full body, fruity aromas of citrus, green apple and peach, and 13.5 percent alcohol.
The estate may have its 18th century architecture, but the winemaking’s cutting edge technology and emphasis on biodiversity sets it squarely in the 21st century. This lovely, dry chardonnay, is a winner of several medals in the competitive arena and for restaurateurs who choose it to complement white meats, seafood and fish. To learn more, check out http://www.dewetshof.co.za/