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Purifying alcohol with fat particles to introduce “Above Top Shelf”

A Wisconsin company, Capjem, a culinary science R&D firm, says it has achieved a way to purify alcohol using fat molecules. The result is a better tasting product with exceptional purity.
“Based on the premise of nucleophilic attraction, and by working with various fat molecules, the fat “washes” or cleans the liquor by removing impurities left behind by the distillation process. No matter how many times an alcohol is distilled, impurities remain, and those impurities can cause bitterness, burning, undesired flavors, and even hangovers,” a spokesman says.
The process can work on any liquor at any point in production, but it is said to be especially effective on pre-aged liquors. If the alcohol is washed prior to aging, the cleansed alcohol associates and interacts with the wooden barrel more effectively, allowing additional flavor extractions from the wood tannins.
To learn more about how this works, visit http://www.capjem.com/#!products/c1gxv