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NIBBLES – May 15, 2017

RI Bakes for Breast Cancer underway this week

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer gets underway for the second consecutive year, engaging restaurants, cafes and restaurants to take part in the annual program of the 18-year-old Boston-based charity’s undertaking to raise money for breast cancer research. This week’s event will include 10+ establishments participating with a special dessert item, all proceeds from which will be donated to Dana Farber Cancer Center’s research,

“We will partner with communities across Rhode Island to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Participating eateries and retail establishments will be donating the profits from one dessert on their menu to benefit breast cancer research. With no shortage of outstanding shops, restaurants, bakeries and markets, we are thrilled to bring our mission to Rhode Island, and know that this sweet partnership will do so much good for the breast cancer community,” says founder Carol Brownman Sneider.

“You needn’t leave the comfort of home to help improve the lives of those afflicted with breast cancer. Through our Shop you’ll find dozens of delicious items you can buy and send to loved ones. Our Shop participants will ship to anywhere in the continental United States,” she explains.

The charitable contributions will be enable Boston Bakes to provide grants for much needed breast cancer research. Donations will be put to the best possible use in fighting the disease. The charity has raised close to  $2,000,000 so far with Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer campaigns, and is excited to see how much progress it can make in Rhode Island.

The expansion into Rhode Island marks a milestone for Boston  Bakes  and for the battle against breast cancer. “We are on a mission to raise money for this cause one dessert at a time. Now with Rhode Island on our team, we can’t wait for the sweet victories ahead, Sneider adds.


McCormick Seasonings for the gluten-intolerant

Gluten-free has become a bit of a buzzword in the dining world these days and most chefs seek to avoid issues in that area by asking, before a customer orders, if they have any food sensitivities. McCormick  & Co.offers a number of gluten-free seasoning mixes for consumers, among them Beef Stew, Meat Loaf, Taco Mix, Chili and Gravy. Go to www.mccormick.com.