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Marketing push at Seafood Expo North America by 10 Moroccan companies


BOSTON – 10 companies representing Morocco’s seafood industry are taking part of Seafood Expo North America, which ends late this afternoon at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center here.

All the Moroccan products are branded as “Moroccan Seafood,” a common label designed to bring greater exposure to the country’s product in the U.S. market.

The effort is part of Morocco’s “Halleutis Plan,” a program designed to expand its competitiveness that began seven years ago. The country’s fishing industry is viewed as a way to raise its GDP threefold over the next four years.

This year’s participation in SENA is designed to diversity economic partnerships for the fishing sector which currently contributes up to 2.5% of Morocco’s GDP and employs 170,000 people, Seafood Source reports.