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The Spirit(s) World – Brenne® Ten Single Malt Whiskey

Allison Patel, president and founder of Brenne® Ten Single Malt Whiskey, and a former ballerina, is happily dancing this year with pride. She received Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky “Highly Commended” for Whisky Brand Innovator of the Year, 2014, and also was awarded “Highly Commended” for World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year, 2016 also by Icons of Whisky.

In her ‘past’ life as a ballerina, which began at age 9, she danced into her 20s, supplementing a limited income with various odd jobs before deciding to hang up her pointe shoes and travel through Europe where she discovered she wanted to make whisky at a third-generation farm distillery in Cognac, France, and Brenne® was born from a collaboration that led to numerous awards.

Today, she has a new offering, which, like a ballerina, stands en pointe, and proclaims its richness, smoothness and elegance. On the third anniversary of her brand’s launch, she introduced Brenne Ten, an aged whisky with a limited bottling (290 cases last year). “The launch of Brenne Ten represents a hugely exciting development for Brenne,” says Allison Patel. “This new expression celebrates the very foundations that make Brenne so distinctive—our gorgeous range of hand- crafted small-batch whisky, our exceptional Cognac-seasoned oak casks, and our dedication to bringing the art of French terroir to creating authentic, elegant, and innovative whiskies.”

With the new offering, she began with two organically grown varieties of heirloom barley. After careful fermentation and distillation in alembic Charente stills, the whisky rested for a decade in a combination of virgin French Limousin oak barrels and barrels previously used for aging Cognac.

Light amber in color, the whisky has notes of dried fruits, (think orange peel), spiced wood, toasted vanilla and a light floral essence. It is 48% ABV, retailing for $100 to $120 a bottle. Visit www.drinkbrenne.com