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Eat Drink Lucky launches in Boston

BOSTON, MA – A local food, drink and lifestyle daily email newsletter called Eat Drink Lucky (EDL) has launched in Boston. Eat Drink Lucky tackles the single most important question of the day that consumers ask: Where to eat, drink & have fun?
The daily email contains three handpicked tips and arrives at 7:00 AM. The recommendations are selected by a seasoned group of food writers and hospitality professionals. The content is broken down into three sections; each day’s Eat covers a dish at a restaurant or a seasonal ingredient or upcoming dinner, each Drink features a beverage ranging from the increasingly popular matcha to juices, cocktails and more, and each Lucky focuses on arts, entertainment and outdoor activities.
The emails take less than a minute to read and the mobile optimized format is designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.
In addition to EDL Boston, Eat Drink Lucky covers four other great food cities: Portland, Maine, New York City, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas.
To sign up for the free newsletter visit http://eatdrinklucky.com/ To share food news, event news, or to learn about advertising opportunities, email hello@eatdrinklucky.com.