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The Spirit(s) World – Sake sales growing

Sake sales are growing in the U.S. as Hiro Sake co-founder and CEO Carlos Arana points out. His company’s sales have grown in triple digits every year since 2011 and this year, the beverage is available in nearly 50 percent of all U.S. states as well as in Mexico and Canada.


“We actively support our trade partners by offering in-store sampling for our off-premise national accounts and major local chains and a specialty cocktail program like the Hiro Tokyo Mule served in branded Hiro copper mugs in some of our key accounts. We say kanpai, thank you to all those that have helped us succeed,” he notes.

Hiro is hand crafted Japanese sake using only the finest ingredients at the Brewery Taiyo Shuzo, established in 1635 in the Niigata Prefecture. This Brewery is considered one of the finest craft sake breweries in Japan. In addition to the new Hiro Gold Junmai Daiginjo, Hiro offers Hiro Blue junmai ginjo (15% ABV) and Hiro Red ginjo (15% ABV). Hiro Red and Hiro Blue can be used in a large number of cocktails, standing in for vodka, rum or gin and with only half the alcohol of traditional spirits. Hiro is only 39 calories/ounce, additive- and preservative-free, gluten-free (made with rice), histamine- and allergen-free (no allergic reactions) and has 1/3 the acidity of wine (making it gentler on the stomach).


Hiro Blue and Hiro Red are available in 720ml and 300ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $39.99/$19.99 (Blue) and $29.99/$15.99 (Red). Hiro Sake is in the northeast in CT, MA, NJ, RI and VT.


In addition to the 2016 Double Gold Medal awarded to Hiro Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, Hiro Sake has won additional accolades from that competition including a Double Gold Medal for Hiro Blue (2015) and was named ‘BEST OF NATION’ from Japan, the highest award bestowed.



The Spirit(s) World – Here’s the next big thing!

We don’t usually predict trends, but in this instance, we’re pretty sure that the next big thing in the world of spirits will be créme liqueurs. Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits, located in a restored 1875 carriage house in a family farm in Vermont’s Green Mountains, and the first craft distiller in the U.S. to specialize in cream liqueurs, recently launched two new products – Vermont Ice Apple and Maple Créme Liqueurs, made with Vermont estate maple syrup and Vermont grown premium handpicked apples.

In contrast to its competitors, Boyden features craft-distilled apple brandy from the best apple varieties – Northern Spy, Macintosh and Empire) for flavor and complexity and combine it with their premium Ice Cider and estate produced maple syrup. Serve on the rocks, with coffee or with creative cocktails – there’s no question that if you love delicious, all natural products, you will love this liqueur.

We begin to wonder if cream may not be the new top ‘comfort food’ and if these liqueurs will jumpstart a movement. Both of these liqueurs have won medals – a gold for the Ice Apple Créme at the San Diego International Wine Competition and another gold for the Ice Maple Créme at the same event.

Boyden Valley began in 2010 with 8,000 grapevines and 100 acres of maple trees. Go to http://www.Boydenvalley.com.