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What’s Brewin’ – Attic & Eaves, Slumbrew

This toasted brown ale from Slumbrew/Somerville Brewing Company exudes the flavors of fall and early winter. It’s all about toasted malts and grains such as chocolate malts and toasted buckwheat. Hoppy, nutty flavors round out the brew which is 7.5% ABV. “A bright hop finish from Cascade and Fuggles balance the toasted grain notes to create a new expression of autumn brown ales,” says Slumbrew. Visit www.slumbrew.com.

The Spirit(s) World – Hophead Vodka, Anchor Distilling Co.

The flavor of hops is the first thing you notice in Hophead Vodka, a product from San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling Co., made with two kinds of hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley.
The vodka was the company’s first new spirit for the 21st century and in line with Anchor’s pioneering steps since the early 1900s. You pick up on the flavor of the hops, noting the lack of bitterness. It’s 90 proof and not filtered, which maximizes the flavor delivery. It’s a clean, distinctive vodka with hoppy notes.

This is a great vodka for making cocktails – try it in a Hopped Up Mary, Hophead’s take on the Bloody Mary, or a Hophead Dirty Martini with olive juice. Mix 1/2 oz. olive juice with 4 oz. Hophead Vodka and add a dash of lemon juice, then shake with ice, strain into a martini glass and garnish with an olive.