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Flay to close NYC Bar Americain

NEW YORK – Bobby Flay and Laurence Kretchmer plan to close their NYC Bar Americain in early 2018 due to the cost of renovating the space if they renewed their lease. The establishment opened in 2005 with its brasserie menu. The two also own Gato in Manhattan and another Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

Vanilla prices go sky high

The price of organic fair trade vanilla is soaring this year going from the mid $60s to $245 a one gallon bottle, according to a published report. The beans are the seeds of orchids from Mexico and Madagascar and become vanilla through a lengthy process. While synthetic vanilla is less pricey, today’s consumers seek natural products and there are no long sufficient vanilla-producing orchids. In Madagascar, a cyclone early this year is said to have destroyed a third of the crop, causing prices to skyrocket.